Harvard student agencies black and red crest with three white feathers
Harvard student agencies black and red crest with three white feathers
Christopher Doyle '25 | PRESIDENT
Chris Doyle is a sophomore in Currier House studying Economics. Born and raised in Baltimore, he has an unhealthy obsession with Lamar Jackson and puts Old Bay on everything he eats. Outside of HSA, he gives campus tours for Crimson Key Society, serves as the Treasurer for Harvard Men's Lacrosse Club, and enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with friends.

Jack Tian is sophomore in Mather House concentrating in computer science and psychology. He has lived in 6 different states, but swears he's from Socal. Outside of HSA, Jack is on the Crimson's tech board and volunteers for the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, watching Bollywood movies, and drowning his food in Boom-Boom sauce.
Sophia Wang is a sophomore in Leverett House from New York City studying History and AFVS (Film). On campus, she is involved with The Harvard Crimson's Business Board, HackHarvard, and CEB. When she's not working, she can be found rating the iced vanilla lattes of the various cafes in Harvard Square, creating mnemonic devices pertaining to Latin, watching films, analyzing her dreams, and capturing memories on camera (that is, if she remembered where she put her SD card).
mina barać '25 | CHIEF Marketing OFFICER
Mina Barać is a sophomore from Prokuplje, Serbia living in Eliot House. She is studying Chemistry with a secondary in Economics. In addition to HSA, she is involved with Crimson Business Board, Marketing for Harvard Buddies. In her free time she is either eating lots of chocolate or lifting heavy weights. She has traveled half of the world and is a proud owner of magnets from every single city and museum she ever visited.
Justin chen '25 | CHIEF People OFFICER
Justin Chen is a sophomore living in Kirkland House concentrating in Applied Math and Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. Originally he is from Bay Area, California. Aside from working at HSA, he loves to cook, watch movies and explore different cultures through food and travel. Over his gap year, he intern at social media company triller and may even have a cooking youtube channel floating out there…
Liam De monaco '24 | chief people officer
Liam De Monaco is a junior studying Neuroscience. He works in the Engert Lab doing neuroscience research. For his current project, he’s investigating the neural development of larval zebrafish by exposing them to environmental perturbations and observing the effects on their brain. Liam loves soccer: when he lived in Italy before coming to Harvard, he was a semi pro soccer player. He’s now the president of the Harvard Men’s Soccer Club, and is excited for the Ivy League tournament in April!
Katherine WILCOX '24 | chief REVENUE officer
Katherine Wilcox is a junior studying Government. Outside of HSA, she spent two years in the Harvard College Consulting Group and enjoyed many conferences with HMC, HMUN, and HNMUN. She gapped after freshman spring and spent 6 months working at a soft robotics startup before attending culinary school in Madrid and getting a certificate in Spanish cuisine. She has lost a tooth on six different continents and loves frogs.
JUSTIN O'DWYER '24 | chief TECHNOLOGY officer
Justin O'Dwyer is a Computer Science concentrator hailing from the suburbs of Boston who splits his time equally between the gym and the computer, taking breaks to eat good food and spend time with friends. Justin's great-grandfather's name was Harry Potter, and brunch is his favorite meal of the day.
joanna bai '24 | chief education officer
Joanna Bai is a junior in Mather house studying Computer Science and Special Education. She served as the Marketing Manager for The Academies last year. She’s loyal to The Academies like she’s loyal to the LA Lakers, Taylor Swift, Kanye West & Skelly (her beloved lego skeleton & best friend). At any given moment, she’s probably eating ranch croutons.
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hannah park '26 | CREATIVE DIRECTOR
Hannah Park is a freshman from Maryland living in Canaday Hall. She is planning to concentrate on computer science, with a secondary in something that won't drain her mental health. In her free time, she buys steam games she will never play and pretends to enjoy arthouse movies for letterboxd.
theresa lee '26 | Director of Videography
Theresa Lee is a first year in Canaday planning to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. In addition to HSA, she is a member of the Harvard International Review’s Business Board and the International Business Conference Committee for Harvard Women in Business. In her spare time, she likes to watch sunsets by the beach, brunch at aesthetic coffee shops with friends, and ask for less ice in her peach green tea lemonade at Starbucks.
thomas Garity '25 | MANAGING DIRECTOR
Thomas Garity is a sophomore in Cabot House studying Computer Science. Apart from the Harvard Shop, he also loves food, green tea, and design. Thomas is a diehard Liverpool fan and is always down to play or watch soccer!
kelsey chen '25 | e-commerce managing DIRECTOR
Kelsey Chen is a sophomore from Dallas concentrating in Computer Science and math. In addition to HSA, she’s involved in Women in CS and Harvard Design Collective. When she’s not succumbing to retail therapy, she enjoys playing tennis and trying controversial foods (ask her about everything bagel cookies, cauliflower sandwiches, and pumpkin cheesecake donuts!!).
Isabella mandis '26 | PROCUREMENT MANAGER
Isabella Mandis is a first-year in Thayer from New York City, concentrating in Statistics/Data Science with a secondary in Education. Outside of HSA, Isabella is involved in The MBA Fund and Harvard Venture Capital Group. She is also the founder and CEO of Girls Who VC to bring more young women into venture capital. She is a diehard Jefe's quesadillas fan!
aidan chen '26 | PERSONNEL MANAGER
Aidan Chen is a first-year in studying Economics. He grew up in Michigan and still supports the perennially miserable Detroit sports teams. He loves playing video games of all kinds. He once had a collection of quarters from forty of the fifty US states, before losing it at a hotel.
Matthew pantaleo '26 | store operations MANAGER
Matthew Pantaleo is a freshman in Hollis Hall originally from New York City, concentrating in Philosophy. Outside of HSA, you can catch Matt hanging out with friends, cheering on the New York Rangers, or hitting hellacious bombs on the golf course.
angel wan '26 | Partnerships manager
Angel Wan is a first year living in Canaday Hall planning to study Economics. She was born and raised in MA and has the coffee addiction to prove it. She loves to travel, try new things, and spend time with her friends. On any given day, if she is not out trying a new food or beverage, it is probably because they were closed.
benson gao '26 | Stock MANAGER
Benson Gao is a first-year from New Orleans, Louisiana, and is planning to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in MBB. Outside of HSA, he is an aspiring content creator on YouTube. Besides editing videos, Benson can be seen in the gym, trying out new food spots, and complaining about the New England weather.
Jack Gentle '25 | Stock MANAGER
Jack Gentle is a sophomore from Chattanooga, Tennessee living in Lowell House. He concentrates in Applied Math in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. He is a member of the Offensive Line for Harvard's Football team. In his free time, Jack enjoys watching Netflix and spending quality time with his roommates, one of whom is his identical twin brother.
Iris Zhang '26 | web manager
Iris is a first-year student living in the best dorm (Matthews) and plans to study Computer Science and Econ. Outside of HSA, she is involved in the Asian American Dance Troupe and enjoys crocheting cute tops and bags. Her favorite artists are Frank Ocean and IU.
julia Santos de Alvarenga '26 | creative Marketing Manager
Julia Santos De Alvarenga is a first-year from São Paulo, Brazil, living at Wigglesworth and planning to study Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. In her free time, you can find Julia dancing on the football field with her team, trying new boba flavors, or reading books for her Hum10 class. She is also exceptionally tall (5’1”), even though the rest of the world says otherwise.
Alice jacob '26 | analytics marketing manager
Alice Jacob is a freshman in Weld concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. Outside of HSA, she is a part of Harvard Women in Business, Harvard Design Collective, & Christians on Campus. Although loyal to her Old Bay & Maryland roots, her identity as a Bengals/Celtics fan makes her allegiance ?questionable?. She lives for puzzles, sunsets, & her family. If you run into her at 3 am, you may catch her baking a cake, writing in her diary, or crying to Taylor Swift songs.
joseph Eunseong Hwang '26 | Web Fulfillment Manager
Joseph is a first-year studying Economics and Statistics. Outside of HSA, you’ll see Joseph playing tennis or practicing Taekwondo since he loves staying active. Joseph also loves music and enjoys playing random tunes on the violin whenever he can find one. When Joseph gets some alone time, you will probably see him reading Webtoons or watching KDramas (he is quite addicted). Whenever the opportunity arises, he loves using his Private Pilot License to fly in the skies: enjoying the view and feeling of freedom.
lydia park '25 | managing Director
Lydia Park is from northern New Jersey, and is currently a sophomore living at Pforzheimer House. She is concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology and hopes to pursue a life sciences consulting career in the future. When she's not studying or napping, she loves drawing in Clip Studio Paint and eating Korean food. She likes to read sad romance stories because the happy ones are too unrealistic.
Kingston Herbert '25 | account manager
Kingston Herbert is a sophomore living in Cabot House and studying Economics with a secondary in Philosophy. A lifelong Boston local, he loves going on walks along the river listening to some Jackson Browne or Dave Matthews. King spends the rest of his time on campus with the Rugby team, in the Agassiz Theater, or playing Fifa with his roommates.
tesia thomas '26 | sales manager
Tesia Thomas is a first-year in Greenough Hall concentrating in Economics. At Harvard, she shares her time between YLC, an organization which hosts youth- leadership conferences, Ghungroo, a South-Asian student-run production, and of course, HSA. Tesia enjoys singing (recreationally), dancing (even more recreationally), and spending time with her two sisters.
Caroline hao '25 | managing director
Caroline Hao is a sophomore in Lowell studying Economics.She is originally from Dallas. Outside of HSA, she is on The Crimson Business Board and writes for The Indy. In her free time, she likes playing tennis, exploring Boston, and searching for lost laundry bags.
Andrew Barnhardt '26 | Delivery & Logistics Manager
Andrew Barnhardt is a first-year studying Economics. He likes to ski, hike, and just about every other outdoor activity. He can sit down and eat two large two toppings pizzas from Dominos in under 6 minutes. 
Hans Elasri '26 | Delivery & Logistics Manager
Hans Elasri is a first-year from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, living in Weld Hall. He is studying Economics. Outside of guaranteeing perfect laundry delivery, Hans spends in free time in Lamont Library (the best of Cabot, Lamont, and Widener) studying and chatting with friends. Hans plays chess with friends and bikes around Boston in his free time. Hans's first bike, which was stolen, was named Raybeaux.
Ryan Ho '26 | personnel Manager
Ryan Ho is a first-year from Boston, MA and an anticipated Economics concentrator with a secondary in Sociology. He has always enjoyed entrepreneurship and business which were his motivations for joining HSA. In his free time, he loves watching sports, playing basketball, cooking, and fishing with his dad. You will most likely find him in the HSA office grinding out CDE work or on the courts breaking ankles.
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Kieran Farrell '25 | managing Director
Kieran Farrell is a sophomore from Long Island, New York living in Currier House. He is studying History & Literature with an Economics secondary. In addition to managing HSA Tutoring, he is a Staff Writer for the Arts Board of The Harvard Crimson and he plays for the Harvard Men’s Club Soccer Team. In his free time, he can be found watching movies or listening to 70s/80s music. Fun fact: Kieran saw Avengers: Endgame eight times in theaters.
Ke Nicole Hu '26 | partnerships operations manager
Ke Nicole Hu is a first-year from Vancouver, Canada, living in Thayer Hall and pursuing a concentration in Psychology and Economics. In addition to HSA, she is involved in the Piano Society, Bach Society Orchestra, Harvard Alternative Investments, Scholars of Finance, and Harvard College China Forum. In her free time, Nicole loves to experiment with whimsical fusion dishes (like red-bean mochi croissants), watch movies, and travel with friends and family.
Tirth Dave '26 | operations manager
Tirth Dave is a first-year from northern Virginia who is interested in studying Economics and Government. Outside of HSA, Tirth plays lacrosse and is involved with the Institute of Politics. He enjoys trying all the restaurants around Harvard’s campus and wants to eat at every single one!
Kira Tian '26 | Web and Marketing Manager
Kira Tian is a first-year from Lexington, MA and Beijing, China living in Wigglesworth. She is planning to study Statistics and Psychology. Kira is also a dancer and loves to choreograph modern and Chinese fusion pieces. In her free time, Kira enjoys binge watching Chinese dramas and getting afternoon tea with friends.
Cole Boyd '26 | partnerships manager
Cole Boyd is currently a freshman who lives in Pennypacker Hall. He is planning on studying economics with a citation in Spanish. Outside of HSA, he can be found fly fishing, working out, and talking with friends. As a Texan, he is a firm believer that country music is good, and can share a playlist of (the best) country music upon request.
Nithya Medam '26 | Partnerships Manager
Nithya Medam is a freshman in Wigglesworth planning to concentrate in Human Developmental Regenerative Biology with a secondary that’s yet to be discovered. Apart from HSA, Nithya enjoys planning outdoor excursions, going on 2am Sour Patch Kids runs with friends, and repeatedly falling through on plans to go to the gym. Originally from sunny California, she is a West Coast enthusiast with a special skill in converting between PST and EST.
Chris Ruaño '26 | Partnerships Manager
Chris Ruaño is a first year in Wigglesworth prospectively concentrating in Economics and Computer Science. He is a Connecticut native, hailing from Milford, CT, a whopping 15 minutes from Yale (yikes!). Outside of HSA, he assists with research and plays club ultimate frisbee. In his free time, he enjoys playing the saxophone, playing basketball, cooking, and long walks on the beach.
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Summer Shen '25 | managing DIRECTOR
Summer Shen is a sophomore studying Economics. Growing up in Connecticut, Maryland, and now Florida, Summer struggled to answer the hometown question for this. But alas, the only thing she has done more than moving cities is… experiencing peanut allergy attacks. Yes, Summer is one of the weakest links in society. When she’s not undergoing anaphylactic shock, Summer can be found listening to Taylor Swift, drinking absurds amount of lattes or matcha, watching the Ravens win, and frequenting Flour
Liz Zheng '26 | In-Person Director
Liz Zheng is a first year student from Pennsylvania living in Thayer Hall. She is studying Applied Math. Outside of HSA, she likes to feed her chronic caffeine addiction, spend hours holed up in Widener, browse film cameras on Ebay, and read literature–her favorite author at the moment being Natsume Sōseki.
Skye Lam '26 | Partnerships Sales Manager
Skye Lam is a first-year student studying Economics. He was born and raised in New York City. In addition to HSA, he serves as a Board Member on the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association and a Research Partner at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. It has been predicted that in the future, Skye will win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, become an Olympic Curler, or potentially both!
Sydney Levy '26 | Partnerships sales manager
Sydney Levy is a freshman from Westchester, New York studying Chemistry on the pre-med track. She loves conducting research, specifically in cardiology, and teaching. She is excited to continue exploring her interests in college by working at The Academies, conducting research, and volunteering. In her free time, Sydney enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, running with her dog, and playing tennis.
Carly Bolton '26 | Marketing manager
Carly Bolton is a first-year student hoping to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. She loves studying anything business-related and plans to sell real estate in her free time. During the summer, Carly enjoys driving around the coast of MA with her friends and is always up for an adventure.
Stella Kwon '26 | Partnerships Accounts Manager
Stella Kwon is a freshman from Atlanta, Georgia currently living in Grays Hall. She plans to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in something she is actually interested in. Outside of HSA, you can catch her listening to music 24/7, walking around aimlessly, and watching terrible rom-coms. She is an avid Trader Joe’s enthusiast.
jonas FREEMAN '26 | Personnel and Operations Manager
Jonas Freeman is a Freshman living in Pennypacker Hall studying Applied Mathematics with an undecided area of application. An avid gourmand and linguist, Jonas enjoys travelling to practice one of seven languages he speaks and sample global cuisines. Outside of class, Jonas enjoys watching sports, going to the gym and playing football with the lads (soccer, for Americans). Outside of HSA, Jonas is a part of of The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) and HUNICEF.
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Juliet Fitzgerald '25 | Managing director
Juliet Fitzgerald is a sophomore in Lowell House concentrating in Economics. She is originally South Boston Massachusetts, in her free time she loves going to Red Sox and Bruins games and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. At Harvard you can find her at the MAC, Sweetgreen, or Bluebottle.
Hailey Chen '26 | Operations Manager
Hailey Chen is a freshman from Canada living in Thayer Hall — where the history of HSA all began. She is planning to concentrate in Economics. In her free time, she enjoys running, watching movies, and trying out new cafes. Her favourite restaurants near campus are Pokeworks, Pinnochio's, and El Jefe's.
Alice Yang '26 | Personnel Manager
Alice Yang is a freshman from Canada living in Wigglesworth Hall, planning on concentrating in Economics. Outside HSA, Alice is on the Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations team formulating plan from cults to assassination. She also helps out at other events run by the International Relations Council such as staffing the high school and college MUN conferences. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, taking pictures and zooming down a mountain on her snowboard.
Caden Heiser-Cerrato '26 | Sales Manager
Caden Heiser-Cerrato is a first year from Linthicum Heights, MD. He is concentrating in Economics. He is an avid writer and reader. His favorite place on campus is the Lamont Basement. He loves El Jefe’s more than he loves most members of his extended family.
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COLE BREEN '25 | Managing director
Cole Breen is a sophomore from Norfolk, Massachusetts living in Currier House. He is studying Applied Math and Economics. Outside of HSA, He is involved in HFAC, the HULR, STAHR, Club Lacrosse, and programs at the IOP. In his free time he enjoys going to the Currier gym and playing the guitar. His achievements include immense charitable efforts and being named Time Magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year.
Kassandra Abigail Rodriguez '26 | Sales Manager
Kassandra Abigail Rodriguez is a first-year in Canaday from Brownsville, Texas studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Economics. Kassandra’s goal is to attend medical school to become either a cardiothoracic or plastic surgeon. Outside of HSA, she works at the Economics Department, she is a staff writer for the Harvard International Review, and a mentor in Science Club for Girls. She enjoys watching dance performances, trying new restaurants, and obsessively eating tomatoes.
Peter Donets '26 | ui/ux researcher
Peter Donets is a freshman at Harvard College, currently studying Applied Mathematics with a focus in Economics and Computer Science. When not scoping projects/editing slides for CI or working on his start-up at the Innovation Lab, Peter enjoys exploring his creative side as a tenor at the Glee Club and a frequent cast member of the Gilbert & Sullivan Players.
Nathanael Tjandra '26 | ui/ux researcher
Nathanael Tjandra is a freshman living in Grays planning to concentrate in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a secondary (or a double) in Economics. Nathan is an aspiring researcher and biotech entrepreneur. In his free time, you can find him wandering around a building for a perfect photo angle, listening to classical (i.e. quite old) music, or roaming the internet for political (or geopolitical) news.
Darren Tran '26 | Distribution Manager
Darren Tran is a first-year studying Economics with a secondary in Mind Brain Behavior and a citation in French. He likes to cook and has worked as a boba shop barista and in the kitchen at The Cheesecake Factory. He is a proud cat dad (meow). Darren is a French citizen. He enjoys working out, reading literary fiction. He also played lacrosse in high school and rolls club lax at Harvard. 
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