Alexander Kim '23 | PRESIDENT
Alex Kim is a senior in Leverett House studying economics with a secondary in MBB. At HSA, he previously worked with Cleaners & Dorm Essentials and served as Chief Operations Officer. Elsewhere on campus, he plays with the Harvard Men's Club Soccer team. Alex enjoys working out, running, and playing board games in his spare time.
Jonny Zhang '23 | VICE PRESIDENT
Jonny is a senior in Adams House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. Outside of HSA, Jonny is an aspiring video game designer and player. In his free time, Jonny can usually be found in the kitchen cooking some experimental (i.e. disastrous) dish, crying to a Broadway musical, or, as a native Rhode Islander, listening to West Coast kids complain about the New England weather.
Alex is a senior in Leverett House from Long Island, New York studying Economics and Computer Science. Alex serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Harvard Student Agencies while also serving as a board member for the national Student-Run Business Association, and as the co-President of the Harvard Club Powerlifting Team. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bike, playing poker, and trying new restaurants.
Amiel Bakshi '23 | CHIEF Marketing OFFICER
Amiel is currently a senior living in Mather House studying Government and Computer Science. Hailing from the mystical unheard-of country of Wales, UK, he hopes to educate all about the existence of his homeland whilst basking in American culture. In his spare time, Amiel likes to binge Netflix shows, travel, visit museums and drink an absurd amount of tea. During the pandemic, Amiel has spent an unhealthy amount of time making TikToks to unfortunately little virality and critical acclaim.
Justin Krayer '23 | CHIEF People OFFICER
Justin Krayer is a senior in Leverett House studying economics with a secondary in Mind, Brain, and Behavior. Elsewhere on campus, he is the President of the Harvard Men’s Soccer Club team and is a member of the Harvard Club Hockey team. Justin enjoys mountain biking, cooking, and watching movies in his spare time.
Harrison Ward '23 | chief Strategy officer
Harrison is a senior in Cabot House. He spends his free time listening to podcasts, backpacking, off-piste snowboarding, and mountain biking through the foothills of Northern California. On-campus, he writes for the Crimson's magazine, Fifteen Minutes, serves as secretary of the club lacrosse team, and goes on runs along the Charles River.
INternal marketing
Originally from Boston, Alice is a sophomore living in Eliot planning to study Math and Statistics. Outside of HSA, they are also involved with the Group for Undergraduates in Statistics and Harvard Design Collective. When Illustrator isn't bricking their laptop, Alice enjoys adding (and then removing) classes to the Crimson Cart on My.Harvard, honing their Greg Hirsch impression, and abusing loyalty programs to make sure that they never have to pay for coffee again.
John Ficek '25 | Director of Videography
John is a sophomore in Cabot from Billings, Montana and is studying Statistics with a track in Data Science. Before attending Harvard, he enlisted in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper for five years and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. When he's not making videos for HSA, John enjoys making urban planning-focused minecraft servers, listening to progressive metal, punting footballs, and destroying people in GeoGuessr battle royale.
Maggie Yin '25 | Corporate Designer
Originally from Maryland, Maggie is a sophomore in Mather House studying Neuroscience. Outside of making HSA's emails look pretty, she is part of Harvard Undergraduate Consulting for Business and the Environment and conducts biomedical informatics research at the medical school. She loves binge watching mukbang before bed, trying new caffeinated drinks (not by choice), and hanging out with friends.
Rory is a junior in Lowell House originally from Atlanta, concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. Outside of HSA, she is involved in Expressions Dance Company, Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners, and Crimson Key Society. She enjoys adventures with friends, brunch/sunsets, oat milk lattes, and R&B.
Originally from Boston's South End, Thomas is a sophomore living in Cabot planning on studying Mechanical Engineering. He also is involved in Harvard Design Collective, and plays for the Harvard Men's Club Soccer team. He is a diehard Liverpool Football Club fan, and is always looking to watch them play on the weekends!
Jack is a sophomore in Mather considering majoring in either mechanical engineering or something in the humanities. In his free time, Jack enjoys thrifting clothes/tacky dorm decor, eating Kirkland Signature Extra Fancy Mixed Nuts (unsalted), and getting his ankles broken at Hemenway.
Tomas Arevalo '25 | Stock MANAGER
Tomas is a sophomore living in Cabot who is looking to study either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. He was born and raised in Boston and grew up playing soccer with his favorite team being FC Barcelona. On campus, Tomas is also a member of Harvard Men's Club Soccer team. In his free time you could catch him at the gym, watching endless hours of Netflix, or hanging out with friends.
Sophia Wang '25 | Marketing Manager
Sophia is a sophomore from New York City currently living in Leverett. She is planning to concentrate in History with a secondary in AFVS. Outside of HSA, Sophia is an associate on the Crimson's business board and is involved in HackHarvard as Co-Director of Marketing & Design. She enjoys binge-watching documentaries/docuseries and shows, hanging out with friends, creating art, and traveling.
ELizabeth Brahin '25 | Web and Partnerships Manager
Born and raised in downtown Chicago, Lizzy is a sophomore in Mather studying Applied Math and Economics. Outside of HSA, she is passionate about increasing access to financial education and serves on the Harvard Women in Business Expeditions Committee. In her free time, she enjoys playing chess, making smoothies and coffee, and hanging out with friends.
Mina Barać '25 | Web Fulfillment Manager
Mina Barać is a sophomore from Prokuplje, Serbia living in Eliot House. She is studying Chemistry with a secondary in Economics. In addition to HSA, she is involved with Crimson Business Board and marketing for Harvard Buddies. In her free time she is either eating lots of chocolate and sweets or lifting heavy weights. She also makes the best cinnamon rolls.
Luna Pham '24 | managing Director
Luna is a junior living in Winthrop House from Southern California! She plans to concentrate in psychology with a secondary in economics. Outside of HSA, Luna is a coxswain for the Harvard-Radcliffe Women's Heavyweight Crew team. In her free time, she likes to listen to music (mainly rap/EDM/RnB but any genre except country), try new foods, go on long drives, and spend time with friends.
Lydia Park '25 | Sales manager
Lydia is from northern New Jersey, and is currently a sophomore living at Pforzheimer House. She's exploring a biology concentration and wants to pursue an economics secondary, and hopes to pursue a life sciences consulting career in the future. When she's not studying or napping, she loves drawing in Clip Studio Paint and eating Korean food. She is also the actual VP of HSA, unbeknownst to Jonny.
Christina Zhao '24 | managing director
Christina is a junior in Eliot House from Newton, MA studying economics with a secondary in statistics. Outside of HSA, Christina is involved with The Food Lab for Kids and Expressions Dance Company. She loves to try new restaurants (especially brunch), travel, drink oat milk matcha lattes, go on long walks, and spend time with her friends and family.
Vincent Hock '25 | Delivery & Logistics Manager
Vincent (Vinny) is a sophomore in Cabot studying Mechanical/Electrical Engineering. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, he'll actively defend the superiority of all Boston sports team with his life. When he's not at TD Garden or Fenway Park, you can find him playing pickup sports or grinding his FIFA Ultimate Team.
Rick Li '25 | Delivery & Logistics Manager
Rick Li is a sophomore living in Cabot House. He is concentrating in Applied Mathematics with an undetermined area of focus. In his free time, he plays for the Harvard Rugby Team and is a Sourcing Analyst for Harvard Venture Capital Group. His favorite foods at the dining halls are grilled cheese, chicken dumpling soup, and sugar cookies
HSA tutoring
Ashley Wang '23 | managing Director
Ashley is a senior from Los Angeles studying Environmental Science and Engineering. She loves her residential house, PfoHo, and playing frisbee outside her room on the quad lawn. When she's not playing her ukulele, she can be found figure skating or skateboarding around Boston. Outside of HSA, she's on the board of An Evening with Champions as Sales Chair, and she works in the Davies Lab, applying neural networks to animal - landscape interactions in Africa. Her favorite way to unwind is by going to the movie theater with friends.
Jack Silvers '25 | partnerships manager
Jack is a Scarsdale, New York native and a first-year interested in Government and Economics. On campus, he lives in Weld Hall and is slowly perfecting his order at the Zinneken's truck in the Science Center plaza. Outside of HSA, he writes for the Harvard Political Review and is a member of the Fellows and Study Groups. He loves politics, scary movies, and rooting against the Boston Red Sox.
Luísa Shida '25 | Partnerships manager
Luísa is a first-year from São Paulo, Brazil, living at Wigglesworth and pursuing a concentration in Government. When she’s not answering emails for HSA, you can most likely find her singing the soprano line for the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones, working out by the Charles, running errands for the Woodbridge International Society, or trying to understand the Imperial Unit System.
Summer Shen '25 | Sales manager
Originally from Connecticut and Maryland, Summer is a First-Year living in Canaday studying Economics and Psychology. In addition to HSA, she is involved in the Crimson Business Board and studies at Flour any chance she gets. In her free time, Summer enjoys fueling her matcha latte addiction while exploring new cafes, recognizing any Taylor Swift song within the first second, defending Lamar Jackson to the grave, and spending way too much money on athleisure.
Moses Stewart '25 | marketing manager
Moses is a Freshman in Hollis planning to either go pre-med or concentrate in economics. He is currently involved in Project Sunshine as a volunteer, and in his free time he loves to play Starcraft and watch anime! Steins Gate is his absolute favorite show of all time.
The Academies By HSA
Joanna Bai '24 | managing DIRECTOR
Joanna is a junior in Mather house studying Computer Science and Special Education. She served as the Marketing Manager for The Academies last year. She’s loyal to The Academies like she’s loyal to the LA Lakers, Taylor Swift, Kanye West & Skelly (her beloved lego skeleton & best friend). At any given moment, she’s probably eating ranch croutons.
Christopher Doyle '25 | operations manager
Chris is a freshman in Wigglesworth studying Applied Math with a focus in Economics. Born and raised in Baltimore, he has an unhealthy obsession with Lamar Jackson and puts Old Bay on everything he eats. Outside of HSA, he enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and ordering double everything in his Jefe's bowl.
Zayid Alam '25 | operations manager
Zayid is a freshman living in Grays Hall who is from Long Island, New York. He is planning to concentrate in Applied Math & Economics and is part of Harvard''s Men's Varsity Lightweight Rowing team. In his free time, he enjoys photography and learning about music.
Henry Xuan '25 | Partnerships manager
Henry is a freshman currently living in the Prescotts and pursuing a concentration in Economics. He grew up in China but moved back to Atlanta, Georgia where he went to Lambert High School. Beyond HSA, Henry is a part of the Harvard College Consulting Group and the Asian American Christian Fellowship. In his free time, he loves to cook chicken fried rice, cheer on the Hawks basketball team, and jam to some Taylor Swift.
Kingston Herbert '25 | Marketing manager
Kingston is a sophomore living in Cabot House and studying Economics with a secondary in Art, Film, and Visual Studies. He is a lifelong Bostonian and avid Celtics fan. Kingston spends the rest of his time on campus with the Rugby team or in the Agassiz Theater. His ideal weekend involves walking, photography, and a night at the Cinema.
Trademark TOurs
Eddie Landzberg '24 | Managing director
Eddie is a junior in Winthrop House from North Jersey concentrating in Economics with a secondary in History of Science. Outside of HSA, he plays cello for the Harvard Pops and also does IM sports. He is an avid horologist and watchmaker who regularly builds, sells, and repairs timepieces. When he is not at his watchmaking bench, he can be found running, strumming his guitar, or cooking a nice meal.
Katherine Wilcox '24 | Operations Manager
Katherine is a member of the class of 2024 (social 2023) living in Quincy House. She is concentrating in Government with a secondary in Economics. Outside of HSA, Katherine is a member of the Harvard College Consulting Group and helps run the Harvard Model United Nations conference for high schoolers around the world. She also loves cooking, hiking, painting, and is a cycling instructor at the MAC.
Jessica Shiflett '25 | Personnel Manager
Jessica is a first-year from Southern California currently living in Weld. She is planning to concentrate in Applied Math and Computer Science. Outside of HSA, Jessica is involved in AADT and Women in Business. In her free time, Jessica enjoys laying in the grass when it's above 45 degrees, going to the beach, and playing Just Dance with friends until everyone is dying from exhaustion.
Sammi Zhu '25 | Sales Manager
Sammi is a freshman living in The Inn at Harvard and plans to study Computer Science with a secondary in Statistics. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Sammi has a strong love for ranch and other food condiments (though buttermilk ranch is superior in her opinion).  In addition to working at Trademark Tours, Sammi is also an associate outreach director for WiCS and is a member of the Harvard’s Badminton Club. In her spare time, Sammi is either watching animes, kdramas, hanging out with her friends, or sleeping.
studio 67
Caroline Hao '25 | Partnerships Manager
Originally from Dallas, Caroline is a first-year in The Inn concentrating in Applied Math and Economics. Outside of HSA, she plays for the Harvard Women’s Club Tennis team and writes for the Independent and Political Review. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with her friends, and exploring Boston.
Mar Grech '25 | Operations MANAGER
Mar is a freshman from Mallorca, Spain, planning to concentrate in Economics or Statistics. Outside of HSA, she is a diversity ambassador for HUWIB (Harvard University Women in Business), and enjoys organizing events with her friends. In her free time, Mar loves hiking, swimming in the ocean, and traveling.
campus insights
Justin O'Dwyer '24 | Managing director
Originally from Westwood, Massachusetts, Justin is a junior in Cabot studying computer science and mathematics. Justin joined Campus Insights as a freshman before leaving college for a year to become the 6th member of Prepared, a safety startup which then raised over $2M from Peter Thiel, M13, and more. Justin returned to school as Managing Director of Campus Insights and spends his free time reading, at the gym, and thinking about startups.
Kelsey Chen '25 | ui/ux researcher
Kelsey is a first-year from Dallas, TX planning to concentrate in computer science and linguistics. In addition to HSA, she is involved in Women in CS, Datamatch, and Harvard Design Collective. When she’s not succumbing to retail therapy, she enjoys playing tennis and trying controversial foods (ask her about everything bagel cookies, cauliflower sandwiches, and pumpkin cheesecake donuts!!).
Nicole Chen '25 | ui/ux researcher
Born and raised in Colorado, Nicole is a first year concentrating in Applied Mathematics + Computer Science + Economics, with a secondary in East Asian Studies. In addition to HSA, Nicole is part of the Harvard College Consulting Group and Harvard Computer Society’s Product Lab. In her free time, you can find Nicole paranoidly re-decorating her dorm for the third time this week. Outside of girl-bossing her way through life, Nicole enjoys the occasional hike and trying out new restaurants.
Eva Tuecke '25 | sales manager
Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Eva is a first year in Grays concentrating in Computer Science. Outside of HSA, she’s a Venture Partner at Contrary Capital, an Associate Director for Harvard Women Engineers Code, and has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and product management. Eva also enjoys snowboarding, reading, working out, and exploring new Cambridge restaurants (and trying weird foods) with her suitemate.
Kevin Wu '25 | sales manager
Kevin Wu is a first-year living in Matthews studying Applied Math and Economics. Outside of HSA, Kevin is a member of the Harvard Undergraduate Council, Harvard Consulting on Business and the Environment, and the Harvard Rugby Team. He enjoys skiing, trying new foods, and hanging out with friends.
Joseph Felkers '22 | Distribution Manager
Joseph Felkers is a senior in Eliot House studying English. Specializing in poetry composition and working in marketing and operations, Felkers obsesses with aesthetics and process always. He has previously worked in other positions at HSA, in Internal Marketing and Cleaners & Dorm Essentials. His poetry can be found in the Ghost City Review, Plainsongs, the Midwest Quarterly, and elsewhere. When he's not writing or girlbossing, he can probably be found trading crypto.
Paul is a junior from the Bay Area in California, currently living in Mather House and pursuing a concentration in Computer Science. Beyond HSA, Paul loves to explore Boston on his runs, play board games with friends, and exacerbate his unhealthy addictions to pancake bread and plantain chips from Trader Joe's.

Alex Estevez '24 | head of engineering
From central Florida, Alex is a junior in Kirkland House studying Computer Science. When not at HSA, he enjoys meditating, digging through Spotify for his next favorite song, and eating breakfast foods for every meal of the day.
Hana Kim '24 | head of Design
Hana is a junior in Mather House concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Computer Science. As a born-and-raised New Yorker, what she lacks in driving skills, she makes up for in restaurant recommendations, scenic photos, and the ability to out-walk any West Coaster. In her free time, she enjoys Pilates, buying flowers for her friends, and napping.
Justin Chen '25 | head of SALES
Originally from the Bay Area, California, Justin is a first-year living in Straus concentrating in Applied Math and Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. Aside from working at HSA, he loves to cook, watch movies and explore different cultures through food and travel.
Suvin Sundararajan '25 | Sales Manager
Suvin is a first-Year in Stoughton Hall concentrating in Bioengineering. Raised in Westfield, Massachusetts, he loves going to Quincy Market and venturing in Boston. In addition to working at HSA, Suvin conducts research in the Harvard Physics Department and enjoys playing Wii games.
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