George is a senior living in Cabot House studying Economics and Computer Science. George joined HSA as a Delivery and Logistics Manager and subsequently served as the Managing Director of the Harvard Shop. He is passionate about Conor McGregor, dominating basketball games, and cold showers.
Connor is a senior in Eliot House concentrating in Government. Raised in a small coastal town in Kent, England, he is still trying to navigate the intricacies of American slang and culture. During his time at HSA, he has worked as the FY20 Partnerships Manager at HSA Tutoring, and the FY21 Managing Director of Cleaners & Dorm Essentials. Outside the office, you can find him attending rock and punk concerts, whilst attempting to play covers of his favorite bands on the guitar.
Born and raised in Boston, Alex is a junior in Leverett studying economics and psychology. Outside of HSA, he plays for Harvard Men's Club Soccer, and enjoys playing soccer, working out, or supporting Boston sports teams.
AMY LU '23 | chief people officer
Amy is a junior affiliated with Pforzheimer House studying Classics. Her biggest flexes include her UberEats rewards, Dunkin Donuts loyalty points, and ability to binge full TV series in one day. In addition to HSA, Amy is a Classics department student representative and stand-up comic with Harvard College Stand Up Comics.
Miranda is a senior in Dunster House studying English and Economics. Outside of HSA, she enjoys writing salty reviews of all the latest entertainment media for The Crimson, designing merch for WHRB, and calling everyone she meets "Mr. Krabs."
AUSTIN KWOUN '22 | chief Strategy officer
Austin is a senior studying Social Studies and pursuing a secondary in Statistics. Austin is Boston-born and raised and is consequently a huge Boston sports nut; he particularly loves the Red Sox and all things baseball, which can be seen in his time spent with Harvard's Sports Analytics Collective.  Outside of sports, Austin plays the violin in and serves as the Finance Director of the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra.  He is always searching for people that share his uncommon combination of passions: reach out to chat Tchaikovsky or Trout!
INternal marketing
Cynthia is a sophomore from Belmont, Massachusetts planning to study linguistics on the MBB track, with a secondary in English. In addition to HSA, she writes for the Arts section of the Crimson, and is a part of the Harvard UNICEF Club. Her other interests include baking banana bread, exploring art museums, and driving in the wrong direction in Mario Kart.
katie nguyen '22 | Marketing & Design Advisor
Katie is a senior in Kirkland House studying Chemistry and Global Health and Health Policy. Katie has worked at HSA since her freshmen year, when she joined as the Managing Director of Studio 67. Outside of HSA, Katie does research at Harvard School of Public Health. In her spare time, Katie enjoys thrifting, eating corn, and making Spotify playlists.
HANNAH AHN '24 | Corporate designer
Hailing from New Jersey, Hannah is a sophomore planning to concentrate in Economics. When she’s not designing beautiful things, she loves to learn fancy longboard tricks, try obscure board games, and dress up for no particular occasion.
PHILLIP RICKE '24 | Corporate designer
Phillip is a sophomore studying History and Economics. Born and raised in a relatively unknown part of the United States (the Midwest), Phillip appreciates exploring Boston for all it has to offer. When he's not riding the T, Phillip enjoys running, cooking, and binging House of Cards.
ANDREA LIU '23 | Corporate designer
Andrea is a junior from Houston, Texas in Mather House studying Psychology with a secondary in Computer Science. Outside of HSA, she is also involved in Harvard Undergraduate Capital Partners, Harvard Yearbook Publications, and various service clubs. She claims that her two dogs form 90% of her personality—and it's probably true.
daniyal sachee '23 | MANAGING DIRECTOR
Daniyal is a junior in Mather house studying Computational Neuroscience. Originally from London, he is an avid Arsenal fan and loves a good chat about soccer. On campus, Daniyal is also a member of Harvard Men's Rugby team and Crimson Key Society. In his free time you could catch him listening to some soothing classical or deep house music or going on long runs along the Charles.
Luna is a sophomore from southern California, right in between LA and San Diego. She is hoping to major in psychology with a minor in economics! Luna speaks 4 languages, including Vietnamese, Spanish, and Korean, and her favorite music genres are RnB and rap. Her favorite things to do include traveling, hanging out with friends, and rewatching Netflix shows.
John is a sophomore tentatively concentrating in the History of Art and Architecture with a secondary in Economics. Outside of HSA, he is a member of Harvard Model Congress and the Real Estate Investment Group. Having lived in Massachusetts his whole life, John enjoys exploring Boston, usually in the search of a large coffee and cinnamon roll, his favorite snack.
Jordyn pierre-raphael '24 | PERSONNEL MANAGER
Jordyn is a sophomore from New York City. She is considering concentrating in either Economics or Molecular and Cellular Biology. Along with working at HSA, Jordyn is also a member of Harvard University Women in Business and is a tutor for the CHANCE program at PBHA. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and trying out new restaurants.
christina zhao '24 | MARKETING MANAGER
Christina, a sophomore from Newton, Massachusetts, is interested in studying economics and statistics. Outside of HSA, she is involved in HRCSA, AADT, and WIB. In her free time, you can find Christina working out in the gym, learning TikTok dances,  shopping at Trader Joe's, or taking long walks while listening to true crime podcasts. Christina is passionate about oatmeal, matcha lattes, Squishmallows, and traveling.
jonny zhang '23 | managing director
Jonny is a junior in Adams House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. Outside of HSA, Jonny is an aspiring video game designer and player, as well as a member of the Harvard Investment Association. In his free time, Jonny can usually be found in the kitchen cooking some experimental (i.e. disastrous) dish, crying to a Broadway musical, or, as a native Rhode Islander, listening to West Coast kids complain about the New England weather.
eddie landzberg '24 | sales Manager
Eddie is a freshman from Tenafly, NJ planning to concentrate in Economics and secondary in History and Science. He went to Riverdale Country School, where he played cello and bassoon in the orchestra and was on the soccer, fencing, and track teams. He is an avid horologist and watchmaker who regularly builds, sells, and repairs timepieces. When he is not at his watchmaking bench, he can be found running, strumming his guitar, or cooking a nice meal.
paul song '24 | account manager
Paul is a freshman from the Bay Area in California, currently living in Wigglesworth Hall and pursuing a concentration in Computer Science. Beyond HSA, Paul loves to explore Boston on his runs, play board games with friends, and exacerbate his unhealthy addictions to pancake bread and plantain chips from Trader Joe's.
alexander Mazzella '23 | managing director
Alex is a junior living in Cabot House studying Economics. He is a native Long Island resident and is adamant that he lives on the island rather than in it. Alex is a member of the Harvard Poker Club and the Harvard Powerlifting Club, but he also enjoys playing chess and cooking food.
joseph felkers '22 | CDE & Distributions Brand Director
Joseph Felkers (Grand Rapids, Michigan) is a junior in Eliot House studying English. Joseph obsesses over aesthetics in every part of life. At HSA, that looks like branding and design work. After hours, though, Joseph is a poet, writing semi-experimental free verse.
HSA tutoring
jasmine chan '23 | managing Director
Jasmine is a junior in Quincy House studying Applied Mathematics with a focus in Economics and getting a secondary in Psychology. She was born in Hong Kong but raised in Boston, where she attended Boston Latin School. Outside of HSA, Jasmine is involved in An Evening With Champions, the Asian American Dance Troupe, and Harvard Yearbook Publications. During her free time, she’s usually watching Netflix, baking, or hanging out with friends!
joshua hong '23 | operations manager
Joshua Hong is a junior in Quincy House studying Sociology with a secondary in Economics. He is an active member of the Asian American Christian Fellowship and also volunteers with the Mission Hill After School Program. In his free time, Joshua can be found playing guitar or watching Sixers basketball.
cory zimmerman '24 | partnerships manager
Cory is a sophomore interested in Economics and Computer Science. Beyond HSA, Cory is a member of the Catholic Student Association, and he enjoys jogging, trading stocks, reading the Economist, and gaming with friends. Coming from Minnesota, he’s also particularly fond of reminding others that Boston winters aren’t even that bad.
esther kim '23 | marketing and web manager
Esther is a junior who lives in Atlanta and concentrates in Gov and East Asian Studies but really just wants to get to Dunster House someday. She can be found thriving at Christian fellowship, dancing with the Asian American Dance Troupe, or inconveniencing general passerby in her attempts to practice photography. Her favorite way to waste time is by curating way too many Korean hip hop playlists on Spotify.
The academies by hsa
iris su '23 | managing DIRECTOR
Iris is a junior in Currier House concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. She was born in California, but grew up in Newton, Massachusetts where she attended Newton North High School. Outside of HSA, she enjoys spending her time playing frisbee, studying the Bible, bullet journaling, painting, or just hanging out with her friends.
emily ni '23 | operations manager
Emily is a junior in Lowell House studying Economics with a secondary in Government and a language citation in Chinese. She was born in New York, but grew up in Raleigh, NC. Outside of HSA, she is a conference director for HAUSCR and a member of AACF. In her spare time, Emily enjoys trying new foods, watching movies with friends, and listening to music and podcasts.
Julie Tassinari '23 | Operations manager
Julie is a junior in Dunster House concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Molecular and Cellular Biology. She enjoys working out, listening to music, and making spreadsheets for just about everything. Born and raised in Boston, she can often be found walking around the city with friends or running along the waterfront.
rory pan '24 | partnerships manager
Rory is a sophomore planning to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. Outside of HSA, she is involved in Expressions Dance Company. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures with friends, jamming to R&B (Frank Ocean), and barely making it through HIIT workouts.
joanna bai '24 | marketing and web manager
Joanna Bai is a sophomore at Harvard studying Computer Science and Special Education. She just came off of a gap year where she worked in a K-2 Grade Special Education classroom. In addition to HSA, on campus, she is also a part of Advocating Success for Kids (ASK). At any given moment, she is probably listening to Taylor Swift and snacking on ranch croutons.
Let's go
Brammy rajakumar '23 | Publishing director
Brammy is a junior living in Pennypacker Hall. She joined the wonderful HSA family as Let's Go Publishing Director and is incredibly excited for the upcoming year. She hails originally from Virginia Beach, VA, a land of warm weather and beaches, and thus is a little underprepared to confront the cold Boston winters! She is currently planning on concentrating in a combination of English and Chemistry, while following a pre-med track. Outside of HSA, Brammy is involved with the Women in Business community, Mission Hill Afterschool Program, and the annual Ghungroo production!
rheede erasmus '22 | Editor-in-chief
Rheede is a senior residing in Winthrop House concentrating in Social Studies and Philosophy. When he isn't grinding out copy-batches in the office, he can be found reading (aggressively) in parks,  thrift-shopping (indiscriminately) at the Garment District or researching (systematically) for HCCG. Additionally, he loves watching movies, especially if they're rated below 40% on Rotten Tomatoes.
studio 67
Due to the ongoing pandemic, operations for Studio 67 are currently closed.
We look forward to seeing you again soon!
campus insights
kevin chew '23 | Managing director
Born and raised in Glen Rock, a town named for a big rock in the middle of it, Kevin Chew is a junior in Kirkland House concentrating in Applied Math with a focus in Economics. His life long goal is to reclaim his former position as a top 500 PC Call of Duty player. Outside of HSA, Kevin loves to read and stay active.
ashley kim '24 | ui/ux researcher
Ashley is a sophomore hoping to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in English. A big classical music and Broadway nerd, you can find her jamming out to Sibelius or Dear Evan Hansen during her free time. Outside of HSA, she is an associate for Harvard Consulting on Business and the Environment and thrives on eating an outrageous number of Playa Bowls on campus (with extra bananas and nutella).
christina pham '23 | ui/ux researcher
Born and raised in Boston, Christina is a junior in Leverett House concentrating in Neuroscience on the Mind, Brain, Behavior track with a secondary in philosophy. Outside of HSA, she writes news for The Crimson and is part of the Harvard UNICEF Club. She enjoys spending time with her Maltese named Igloo, binge-watching Marvel movies, and perfecting her 65 (and counting) Spotify playlists.
chelsea xia '24 | sales manager
Chelsea is a sophomore from New York, NY pursuing a concentration in Neuroscience along the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track. In addition to HSA, she is an associate at the Crimson’s Business Board. When not psetting or cold emailing, Chelsea also enjoys playing violin, watching reviews of bad movies, and trying to learn how to dance.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, operations for Harvard Distribution are currently closed.
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soy choi '23 | MANAGING DIRECTOR
Soyoun ‘Soy’ Choi is a junior in Quincy House at Harvard pursuing a concentration in Bioengineering with a secondary in Economics. Soy comes from Melbourne, a pleasant beach town on the east coast of Florida. Having grown up on a golf course, Soy can always be found golfing with friends and family or volunteering at junior golf clinics on the weekends. Only hurricanes can stop her! Currently, she is enjoying each and every day as the Managing Director of DEV where “good tech starts with good people." In addition to DEV, Soy is a member of the Harvard Undergraduate Council (UC), Harvard Crimson, and Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO).

Yousuf bakshi '23 | brand DIRECTOR
Yousuf is currently a junior living in Mather House studying Government and Computer Science. Hailing from the mystical unheard-of country of Wales, UK, he hopes to educate all about the existence of his homeland whilst basking in American culture. In his spare time, Yousuf likes to binge Netflix shows, travel, visit museums and drink an absurd amount of tea. During the pandemic, Yousuf has spent an unhealthy amount of time making TikToks to, unfortunately, not much critical acclaim.
charles onesti '23 | head of engineering
Charles is a junior studying Computer Science.  He is from Westchester, NY before joining HSA DEV to engage his interest in software engineering.  Outside the office, he stays active playing for the club squash team.  He loves Italian food from his family's original region of Emilia-Romagna.
MAX LI '24 | head of SALES
Max is a sophomore studying applied math with a focus in economics. Born in Indiana, he grew up on a quaint island off the coast of the Bronx in New York City. In addition to working at DEV, he is a member of the Harvard College Debating Union and enjoys growing vegetables in his yard, listening to sad music, and working on cars.
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HARVARD bar course and bar services
alexander Mazzella '23 | managing director
Alex is a junior living in Cabot House studying Economics. He is a native Long Island resident and is adamant that he lives on the island rather than in it. Alex is a member of the Harvard Poker Club and the Harvard Powerlifting Club, but he also enjoys playing chess and cooking food.
Ayla Lerner '24 | marketing manager
Ayla Lerner is currently a sophomore at Harvard College. She plans on concentrating in Applied Math (with a focus in Economics) and getting a citation in Spanish. On campus, outside of HSA, she is an Operations Director for Harvard Poker Club, a member of Harvard Investment Association, a walk-on to the rowing team, and vice president of the Harvard chapter of The Women's Network, a startup to provide resources and connections to help women overcome barriers as they pursue careers. For fun, Ayla enjoys puns, brain teasers, driving manual transmission, cooking and eating mac and cheese, and watching the Ice Age movies!
HSA Strategy
harrison ward '23 | director of Growth strategy
Harrison is a junior in Cabot House. He spends his free time listening to podcasts, backpacking, off-piste snowboarding, and mountain biking through the foothills of Northern California. On-campus, he writes for the Crimson's magazine, Fifteen Minutes, serves as secretary of the club lacrosse team, and goes on runs along the Charles River.
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