Student Managers

Juliet fitzgerald '25 | PRESIDENT
Juliet is a junior at Harvard living in Lowell House and studying Economics. She is originally from South Boston, Massachusetts, and is a fan of all New England sports teams. In her free time, she enjoys going on runs and listening to her favorite artist, Taylor Swift.
Aidan Chen is a sophomore in Kirkland house concentrating in Economics. He is from Boston and proudly supports all the New England sports teams, even during a down year for the six-time Super Bowl champion Patriots. Outside of HSA, he gives tours for Crimson Key Society and likes to fish.
Jack Gentle is a junior from Chattanooga, TN. He plays offensive line on Harvard's football team and studies Applied Math in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. He lives in Lowell house with his twin brother and enjoys watching movies and playing video games.
Julia Alvarenga '26 | CHIEF Marketing OFFICER
First things first: fake plant parent, coffee connoisseur, and La La Land enthusiast. Now we can start. Julia Alvarenga is a sophomore from Brazil living in Cabot and studying Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. When she's not deciphering the mysteries of supply and demand, you can find her learning new dance tricks, creating digital content for the College, learning about product management, or writing poetry. She is also exceptionally tall (5’2”), even though the rest of the world says otherwise.
TIRTH DAVE '26 | chief Personnel officer
Tirth Dave is a sophomore from northern Virginia living in Quincy House and concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Statistics. Outside of HSA, he plays on the club lacrosse team and is involved with The Crimson. He enjoys trying new things, hanging out with friends, and being involved in campus life.
ANGEL WANG '26 | chief Personnel officer
Angel is a sophomore in Mather House planning to concentrate in Psychology! In her free time, she likes to check the HUDS menu for her next meal.
Xavier Agostino is a sophomore in Eliot concentrating in Computer Science. On campus, he's actively involved with the Harvard Chess Club and the Harvard football team. When not studying or participating in extracurriculars, Xavier can be found near boba shops or on a Dunkin’ run. He is also a fan of lifting weights and indulging in soapy TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, which he has watched over 100 times.
Eddie Landzberg '24 | Chief Strategy Officer
Eddie is a Senior from North Jersey concentrating in Economics with a secondary in History of Science. Outside of HSA, he leads the Winthrop House Committee, plays cello for the Harvard Pops, and also does IM sports. He is an avid horologist and watchmaker who regularly builds, sells, and repairs timepieces. When he is not at his watchmaking bench, he can be found running, strumming his guitar, or cooking a nice meal.
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Wyatt Croog is a First-Year from Arlington, Virginia, living in Hurlbut Hall and concentrating in Government and Art History. In addition to HSA, he writes for The Harvard Crimson, is a member of the First-Year Social Committee, and plays club field hockey. In his free time, he can be found running along the Charles and hitting the golf course, cooking for friends and family, and exploring new art museums around him.
Sahana Thayagabalu '27 | Digital Media Manager
Sahana Thayagabalu is a first-year from Florida living in Straus Hall. She intends to concentrate in Statistics and Computer Science. Alongside her role in HSA, Sahana is co-director of HackHarvard and dances with Harvard Undergraduate Bhangra! In her free time, Sahana loves to try out new coffee shops in Harvard Square and watch the sunset by the Charles River!
Alessia Chavez Flores '27 | Corporate Designer
Alessia Chavez Flores is a first-year in Canaday Hall concentrating in Integrative Biology and secondary in Psychology. Besides art, in her free time she enjoys watching movies and finding new places to eat.  She has a passion for animals and is looking forward to becoming a veterinarian.
Alice Jacob is a sophomore concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. Originally from Ellicott City, Maryland, she now lives in Quincy with their hot breakfast she always sleeps through. Although loyal to her Maryland roots, her avid support for the Bengals & Celtics makes her allegiance questionable. Apart from The Harvard Shop, she lives for puzzles, God, & her family. If you run into her at 3 am, you may catch her baking a cake, writing in her diary, or crying to Taylor Swift songs.
Darren Tran '26 | Product Director
Darren Tran is a sophomore in Kirkland concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Mind, Brain, and Behavior with a citation in French. He likes to cook and has worked as a boba shop barista and in the kitchen at The Cheesecake Factory. Darren is a French citizen and a proud cat dad (meow). He enjoys working out and reading literary fiction. He also played lacrosse in high school and rolls club lax at Harvard. 
Frankie Freeman '26 | Stores Director
Frankie Freeman is a single sophomore and proud resident of Dunster House (best house). His academic focus is Economics where he is passionate about unraveling financial mysteries (mainly his own [and potentially someone who finds him attractive]). Outside the classroom, you'll find him watching movies or immersed in music (alone, but you hold the power to change that). Facts No One Asked For: Frankie is fascinated by the Dies Irae, thinks Botswana is the coolest sounding country name, and is single (still).
Abby Loeb '26 | E-Commerce Director
Abby Loeb is a sophomore living in Kirkland House, concentrating in Government and working on language citations in Spanish and Hebrew. On campus, she writes for the Harvard International Review and volunteers with the Small Claims Advisory Service of PBHA. In her free time, Abby likes to draw portraits, read non-fiction, go to the gym, and critique anything pop-culture in heated debates with her roommates.
Benjamin Prew '27 | Stock Manager
Benjamin Prew is a first-year in Pennypacker Hall concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. Born and raised in the seaside town of Winthrop in Massachusetts, Ben has sailed since he was a young lad. For the past few years, he has been teaching sailing in the summers alongside his other passions for skiing, soccer, fitness, hiking, and cars. As a New England native, he was spoiled by fantastic sports teams throughout this childhood, but now he is sad because they are all bad.
YAYHA Handulle '27 | Stock Manager
Yahya Handulle is a first-year from London living in Mower Hall and concentrating in Computer Science. Yahya thinks that young children are hilarious and loves volunteering at Franklin After School Enrichment with the PBHA. Yahya doesn't have a favorite cuisine because he appreciates food from all cultures - be it Somali, Mexican or Indian. Yahya also loves FIFA and is always down to play anyone on campus.
Asha Khurana '27 | Personnel Manager
Asha Khurana is a first-year living in Holworthy Hall planning on concentrating in Social Studies. Outside of HSA, she writes for the Crimson's Arts Board, and plays club field hockey. In her free time, she loves kitchen dance parties, rewatching New Girl, and forcing her friends to listen to her Spotify playlists.
KeLLY TUNG '27 | Fulfillment Manager
Kelly Tung is a freshman in Matthews concentrating in Computer Science and Data Science and looking to get a secondary in Economics. Outside of HSA, Kelly is involved in Harvard Undergraduate Data Analytics Group and Tech for Social Good. In her free time, she enjoys playing foosball, reading manga, and tasting matcha-flavored delicacies in Harvard Square. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, but she only remembers how to do a roundhouse kick.
Ved Pant '27 | Merchandising Manager
Ved Pant is a first year from Mumbai in Holworthy Hall concentrating in something somewhere between Applied Math and Social Studies. In his free time, he plays Fifa. If asked in an interview, however, he will claim he spends his time going on long runs, putting in Brexit tackles at pick-up futsal, and playing the drums.
Paul Jeon '27 | Procurement Manager
Paul is a first year living in Thayer planning to study Computer Science. He grew up in the suburbs of Massachusetts where he miraculously and tragically became a Philadelphia Sixers fan. In his free time he loves to draw, play basketball, and listen to Korean Hip Hop and R&B!
Audrey Cheng '27 | Creative Marketing Manager
Audrey Cheng is a first year from Lexington, MA living between Straus Hall and the HSA office and concentrating in psychology with a secondary in Art, Film, and Visual Studies. She lives for morning walks along the river, oil painting, and her two little sisters. She would die for Taylor Swift, the Celtics, and a good pomegranate.
Tahraji Milsap '27 | SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER
Tahraji Milsap is a first year student living in Canaday Hall concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Education. Outside of HSA, she enjoys singing with Radcliffe Choral Society, learning new skills, and watching horror movies.
Will Smialek '27 | Partnerships Manager
Will is a proud member of the class of 2027 living in Pennypacker (the best freshman dorm) with an intended concentration in Government. On campus, he is also involved in the Institute of Politics (IOP), where he serves on the Student Advisory Committee as the Director of Membership for the IOP. He’s also a member of Harvard Model Congress, and a Junior Staffer for the San Francisco travel conference.
Sabrina Bukvarevic '27 | Marketing Analytics Manager
Sabrina Bukvarevic is a first-year studying Economics and Government.
Han Chung '27 | Creative and Accounts Manager
Han Chung is a first-year from Vietnam living in Stoughton Hall concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Outside of HSA, you might find Han in any of the Harvard libraries but Cabot, or in one of the many buildings behind Annenberg and the Science Center. She is determined to visit as many places in Harvard/Cambridge as possible, and (hopefully) encounter Remy the Cat as many times as possible.
Ali saffarini '27 | Accounts Manager
Ali Saffarini is a first-year studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.
ALICE YANG '26 | managing director
Alice is a sophomore from Canada in Leverett House, double concentrating in Economics and Social Studies. Outside HSA, Alice is on the Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations leadership team, formulating plans from cults to assassinations. She also works in the International Relations Council, directing high school and college MUN conferences. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, taking pictures on her camera, and zooming down mountains on her snowboard.
Max Bowman '26 | Operations manager
Max is a second year Economics concentrator living ing the Quad. He plays football and loves to golf as well. Some other hobbies include hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors.
CORY WU '27 | Delivery & Logistics Manager
Cory Wu is a first-year living in Grays Hall concentrating in neuroscience. Outside of HSA, he is a frosh rep for the Chinese Student's Association and plays for the Harvard Men’s Club Soccer Team. At Harvard, you can find him in Hemenway or any practice room jamming out on the piano. His favorite place in Boston is Chinatown because that's where all of the good food is.
Isabel Llabres Diaz '27 | Personnel Manager
Isabel is a first-year living in Stoughton and concentrating in Economics and Psychology. She rows with Heavyweights Women’s Crew, loves reading, and loves watching the sunrise in the morning!
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COLE BOYD '26 | managing Director
Cole is a sophomore in Leverett House studying Economics with a secondary in Romance Languages. Outside of class and HSA, you can find him in the gym, drawing, and fly fishing. As a native Texan, Cole believes that country music is a beautiful genre and can share an expertly crafted playlist of the best country music upon request.
Colin Bligh '27 | Operations & In-Person Director
Colin Bligh is a first-year from Medfield, Massachusetts living in Hurlbut Hall. Colin plans on concentrating in Economics and Statistics. Outside of HSA, he plays on the rugby team and is an avid sports enthusiast. He enjoys going to the beach with friends and listening to country music. Colin will argue with you if you believe that Joe's Pizza is better than Pinocchio's.
Carolyn Lau '27 | Marketing Analytics Manager
Carolyn is a first-year from New York living in Canaday Hall and concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology. In addition to HSA, she is involved with the Harvard College Consulting Group, Harvard Women in Business, and Harvard Financial Analysts Club. In her free time, she enjoys playing flute with the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra, trying (but failing) to not spend money on Asian food, catching sunsets, and watching Masterchef or reruns of Dance Moms.
MARGARET LEE '27 | Sales Manager
Margaret Lee is a first-year from SoCal living in Wigglesworth Hall. She plans to concentrate in Government and Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. When she's not taking consultation calls, you can find her studying at Widener, reading historical fiction books, listening to the Lover album, running along the Charles, mourning HUDS' lack of good fruit, or dancing around her dorm.
Daiana Dragos '26 | Partnerships Manager
Daiana Dragos is a sophomore from Romania studying Sociology.
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Ian Hua '26 | managing DIRECTOR
Ian is a sophomore in Quincy House studying economics and neuroscience. Outside of HSA, Ian works on economic research with Charles River Economics Labs, takes photos for the Harvard Crimson, and performs the flute with the Harvard University Band. Ian enjoys playing the piano, trying new foods, video games, and traveling. He also loves spending time with friends and family which includes his cats and dog.
SAMIP PHUYAL '27 | On-Campus Director
Samip Phuyal is a first-year from Arlington, MA. He is currently undecided but is leaning towards concentrating in Economics. In his free time, he likes to play basketball, go to the gym, and listen to rap music. He is also a black belt in karate and enjoys playing badminton.
Albert Johannes Gunnerus SVEEN '27 | Global Partnerships Manager
Albert SVEEN is a first-year in Thayer interested in Mathematics and Economics. Though he was born in Norway, he has spent the majority of his life in Luxembourg. Outside of HSA, he loves spending time with his family and friends, and travelling the world.
Gary Wu '27 | On-Campus Partnerships Accounts Manager
Gary Wu is a first-year living in Weld Hall from Rancho Cucamonga, California. He is hoping to concentrate in Government and Economics, with a focus on public policy and sustainable development. Beyond HSA, he enjoys running, playing video games (really just Valorant), and catching up to the news.
Vincent lo '27 | Marketing manager
Vincent Lo is a first-year from Rowland Heights, CA living in Canaday Hall and concentrating in economics and government. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, hanging out with friends, and cooking.
Russell O’Donnell '27 | Marketing Analytics Manager
Russell O’Donnell is a first year in Thayer, and will be concentrating in bioengineering or stats/econ based on a coin flip. All the way from Melrose MA, he appreciates travel and exploring new things. Russell has a passion for shredding the slopes, playing fútbol and gaining knowledge.
Kemi Okoye '25 | Operations Manager
Kemi Okoye, a junior from Chicago, resides in Mather House, concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. When not busy in classes, Kemi explores Boston's diverse food scene, enjoys movie nights and pottery-making, and engages in friendly games of Spotle and Wordle with friends.
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TYLER YOUNG '26 | Managing director
Tyler is a sophomore in Leverett House studying Electrical Engineering and Chemistry & Physics. Outside of HSA, Tyler works on pitching analytics for Harvard Baseball and recently wrote an opinion column about free speech in the Crimson. He is a die-hard fan of Cleveland sports, and enjoys reading, podcasts, and freestyling with friends. Go Browns!
Iris Wang '26 | Sales Manager
Iris is a sophomore living in Kirkland House concentrating in Applied Math & Ec with a secondary in English. She was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Beijing, and moved to Florida for high school. Iris is also a member of the Harvard Women's Golf Team. Her party trick is that she could recognize any Taylor Swift song under a second. If not on a golf course, you can find Iris reading novels with a cup of earl grey or a flat white.
Sophie Pearo '27 | Personnel Manager
Sophie Pearo is a first-year living in Mower Hall planning on concentrating in Computer Science and Statistics. She is originally from Plymouth, MA but does not recommend visiting the rock. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and getting nothing done in Cabot Library.
Kayla Andrews '27 | Operations Manager
Kayla Andrews is a first-year in Canaday. She plans to concentrate in Applied Math Econ with a secondary in computer science. In her free time, Kayla can be found listening to, and raving about, Ed Sheeran, consuming ungodly amounts of caffeine, and binging either The Office or Suits.
James Hurd '27 | Operations Manager
James Hurd is a freshman living in Wigglesworth planning to concentrate in East Asian Studies or Economics. Outside of HSA, she is on the club basketball team and likes to try new foods.
Adnan Khan '27 | Sales Manager
Adnan Khan is a first-year from England living in Thayer Hall. Although he is currently undecided in his concentration, he plans to figure it out some time before he has to graduate. Outside of HSA, Adnan has ventured to learn polo at Harvard, which he describes as being a very unique and exciting experience so far.
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Kassandra Rodriguez '26 | Managing director
Kassandra Rodriguez is a sophomore from Brownsville, TX living in Quincy House (best house!) and double concentrating in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology & Economics. Kassandra’s goal is to attend medical school to become either a cardiothoracic or plastic surgeon. Outside of HSA, she is a Staff Writer for the Harvard International Review, a mentor for Science Club for Girls, and part of the Harvard Pre-Medical society. She enjoys dancing ballet, trying new restaurants (even though she ends up at Jefe’s every time), and obsessively eating tomatoes.
Yara Markevych '26 | Sales Manager
Yara Markevych is a sophomore from Ukraine living in Mather House and concentrating in Economics. In her free time, she plays the piano, improves her cardboard DIY skills, and exhausts FaceTime to call family and friends at home. She is also involved in a competition with Dune’s Leto II to become a (book)worm sooner.
SARAH PARK '27 | Project Manager
Sarah Park is a first-year in Grays Hall planning on concentrating in Economics, Government, or Statistics. She's from Las Vegas, Nevada but always makes sure to tell people she's originally from Southern California! Outside of HSA, you can find her fueling her massive sweet tooth, chewing gum, drinking caffeine, or playing tennis.
Hannah Shimada '27 | Project Manager
Hannah Shimada is a sophomore in Mather House studying Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. Besides HSA, she plays the trumpet in Harvard’s Marching Band, bartends at the Queenshead Pub, and is a Math CA. Outside of school she loves to go hiking and fishing!
ANDREW YANG '27 | Distribution Manager
Andrew Yang is a freshman living in Weld Hall intending to concentrate in Statistics and Economics. Alongside HSA, he is involved in club basketball.